You may Already Have Some Identity Theft Insurance And Not Even Know It

The police arrive at your broken front door. Burglars had invaded your home while you and your spouse were out to dinner. Besides the thieves taking all the electronics and extra money you kept in a drawer, they also grabbed a bunch of papers off the counter.

These papers contained personal information including your social security number, credit card numbers and bank account numbers. While you can replace your electronics, what has you really worried is that the thieves may engage in identity theft.

You may already Have Identity Theft Insurance

Before you start beating yourself up about not getting identity theft insurance before the incident occurred, you may want to take a look at your Homeowner’s insurance policy. Some insurance companies automatically include a limited amount of identity theft protection.  If not already included, most insurance companies have the coverage available for a small additional charge. This extra coverage can help with some of the expense when such an incident occurs.  The amount and extent of the coverage varies by company so get your agent involved to explain. 

In addition to your Homeowner’s policy, there are other options for protection.  There are companies that specialize in providing individuals with identity theft monitoring and protection for a monthly fee.  The services and protection provided by these companies are usually more comprehensive than what your Homeowner’s policy can offer so consider that option as well.

Get the type of insurance coverage you need before you need it. For identity theft protection, whether it’s found in your Homeowner’s policy or as a separate coverage product, we have a solution. For more information about identity theft insurance, please contact Central Insurance Agency at 512-451-6551.

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