Surety & Fidelity Bonds

Surety & Fidelity Bonds for Austin Business Owners

Here at Central Insurance Agency, we see the true value in offering bond services to our customers. Yes, bonds are often required by state law or local ordinance. But more than that, bonds offer great risk management opportunities for businesses. Work with our Austin insurance agency to help make bonding a strong part of your overall business insurance and risk management program.

Surety Bonds for Contractors

Surety bonds guarantee performance, which can bring great peace of mind to project managers who could otherwise find themselves with an incomplete project and no way to pay to move forward. Let us provide you or your project manager with this piece of mind. Turn to us for all of your contractor bond needs, including:

  • Bid bond: This type of bond guarantees that, if granted the bid, the bidder will enter into contract at the bid provided.
  • Performance bonds: This bond guarantees that the contractor will perform the work as laid out in the contract’s terms and conditions.
  • Payment bonds: The payment bond guarantees that subcontractors and material suppliers will be paid according to the contract.

Fidelity Bond Services

The bulk of our bond services fall in the realm of the construction industry. But we also offer a range of fidelity bonds for our existing customers, including employee dishonesty bonds, guardianship bonds, judicial bonds and probate bonds. By offering this supplemental service, we ensure we are here to help our customers with every insurance-related need that may arise.

What to Expect From Our Bond Program

In addition to offering you the flexibility you desire in an independent agency, we also work to make our bond services:

  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • Reliable

We know that a bond requirement can crop up at any given time, often without notice. As your trusted advisor and insurance agency, you can turn to us. We will be here when you need us.

Access to Multiple Bond Providers

One of the greatest benefits we offer our customers is our independent agency status. This means we can work with a range of providers at any given time, allowing us to shop around to find the best fit. Never get stuck paying more than you should or waiting longer for service than is otherwise necessary. Call on our team to ensure your bond needs are met each and every time.

Call to Request a Bond or to Learn More in a Free Consultation: 512-451-6551

If you need a bond right away, pick up the phone and call us at 512-451-6551. Otherwise, reach out to us via email or phone to request a free consultation to learn more about our bond services.

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