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Protect Your Fun; Insure Your Boat, RV or Other “Toy”

The Austin area, and all of Central Texas, provides numerous opportunities for recreation. Whether your destination is the Highland Lakes area for boating or one of the many state parks for camping, Texas provides a great number of enjoyable recreational opportunities. It also gives many of us the excuse we need to buy the toys we enjoy the most, from boats to RVs to ATVs.

Here at Central Insurance Agency, we place great value in finding balance in life. This includes making time for fun—and ensuring that that fun is properly protected. Reach out to us to learn which policies you would benefit from and why.

Insuring All Types of Boats in Texas Waters

Boating is second nature for most Texans, due in large part to all the water found in and around our state, from lakes and rivers to the great waters of the Gulf Coast. Our water options are just as vast as the type of boats we put in those waters, including:

  • Fishing boats
  • House boats
  • Sailboats
  • Speed boats
  • Yachts

Regardless of the type of boat you own, we can help you insure it with a policy that covers personal liability, medical bills, towing, repairs and property, including the motor, the hull and the trailer.

Insuring All of Your Recreational Vehicles

At Central Insurance, we care about protecting all of your recreational vehicles. So in addition to having us insure your boat, turn to us for tailored personal insurance policies such as:

  • RV insurance
  • Jet Ski insurance
  • Personal watercraft insurance

We can work to get coverage that protects your vehicle and its contents, while also protecting you from financial losses stemming from medical bills and injury claims.

Call on Central Insurance for a Free Boat Insurance Quote

Whether you boat is in the water, in your driveway or in storage, you need it insured. And you need it insured properly. Talk to one of our experienced, professional insurance agents about the coverage you have currently to determine if it is enough for your purposes.

Request your free, no-obligation insurance quote for your boat, RV, Jet Ski or other “toy” today. You can do so by calling us at 512-451-6551 or by sending us an email.

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