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Commercial Landlord Insurance for Austin, Texas, Property Owners

If you own a commercial building such as a garage, warehouse or apartment building, you will need landlord insurance. Owning and managing commercial property can carry significant risks. Having the right insurance coverage can protect you against those risks.

At Central Insurance, in Austin, Texas, our agents help owners of commercial rental property insure their investments. There are many insurance products for landlords who rent or lease commercial property. Our knowledgeable specialists will help you find the best coverage at the best price.

Type of Insurance Coverage Landlords May Need

Landlord insurance is a type of business insurance policy that protects you, the owner, from damage to a building. It only covers your property and not that of your tenants. Coverage usually includes:

  • The structure itself, glass and any fixtures such as lights and plumbing fixtures
  • The equipment and tools used for property maintenance
  • Any sheds or other outbuildings
  • Signs
  • Fencing and landscaping
  • Reimbursement of legal fees if a tenant or lessee sues your business
  • Coverage for judgments against you
  • Furnishings you provide as part of a lease
  • Rental income protection in the event that a fire, flood or other catastrophic event makes the property unusable
  • The increased cost of repairing damaged property to current building codes

These types of damage can have numerous causes: fire, flood, smoke, theft and burglary, vandalism, lightning, wind, water, sprinkler damage, sinkhole collapse, sewer backup, and more. You can choose among comprehensive policies that cover most specific losses unless excluded, or policies that name specific risks and their causes. You can also purchase coverage for multiple buildings. Our experienced agents will advise you about the best coverage options for your commercial property.

How Our Experienced Agents Help

The agents at Central Insurance will not only help you determine the best commercial property owner insurance coverage for your needs, but they will also guide you through the prep work needed to obtain the best commercial property coverage. For example, it is important to have an inventory of all the tools, equipment and furnishings that are to be covered by a property owner policy. If you don’t have an inventory and subsequently make a claim, your property might not be covered. Our agents can help you with matters such as property inventories.

Contact a Commercial Landlord Insurance Specialist

If you have questions about commercial landlord insurance, contact a coverage specialist at Central Insurance in Austin, Texas. We will answer your questions and recommend the best land insurance for your specific needs. Call us at 512.451.6551 or send an email for a free quotation.

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