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If your business has officers or directors, they and you are at risk for claims not covered by your standard business insurance. Protect them and the future of the business with a directors and officers (D & O) insurance policy. Having such a policy will give confidence to future investors and directors in the management and operation of the company, strengthening your brand and reputation in the business community.

At our Austin, Texas, insurance agency, we offer directors and officers insurance coverage from several well-respected companies. We will evaluate your existing business insurance, review your organizational documents and determine the policy for your circumstances. Whether you are a non-profit, an educational institution, a privately held company, or a for-profit business, we can get the insurance coverage you need to protect your leadership.

What Us Covered by Officers and Directors Insurance?

This type of policy protects the members of a board and the officers of a company against individual lawsuits and claims. Depending on the needs of the company and the way the policy is written, this type of insurance can cover:

  • The cost of legal fees incurred by individuals serving on boards or as officers if they are subjects of a lawsuit
  • The cost of indemnification of individuals who serve on the board or as officers if the company is sued

These policies can also eliminate coverage disputes if both the company as a whole and individual members of a board or officers of a company are the subjects of a lawsuit.

Why Do I Need This Type of Coverage?

One of the frequent costs of doing business is the cost of fighting or settling lawsuits. Claims that often involve directors and officers include those based on:

  • Poor performance of stock
  • Illegal employment practices
  • Mismanagement or failure to exercise fiduciary oversight
  • Misrepresentation in a prospectus, report or other documents and reports
  • Failure to adhere to relevant laws and regulations
  • Violations of environmental regulations and laws
  • Cyber liability and theft of computer-based information
  • ERISA claims

This type of coverage seldom covers acts of fraud, some aspects of insider trading, property damage and bodily injury, and illegal compensation schemes.

Call Central Insurance for a Free D & O Quotation

A directors and officers insurance policy is an important investment in the future of a business. To learn how the insurance professionals at Central Insurance in Austin can find the coverage that fits your business, contact us or call 512.451.6551 or send us an email. We can review your entire business insurance portfolio and tailor your D & O coverage accordingly.

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