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Workers Compensation Policies for Austin Employers

A safe work environment is a successful work environment. One essential key to a safe environment is a comprehensive workers compensation policy. Having such a policy in place shows you have a process in place in the event of a work-related injury or illness. It also provides protection for your business from injury lawsuits brought by employees.

Here at Central Insurance Agency, we know that Texas state law does not require private employers to carry workers compensation. But through our decades of experience, we have also seen how much money it can save an employer when done right. Read on to learn more or reach out to our independent agency for more information.

What Workers Compensation Covers for Employees

The amount and length of benefits offered to an injured or sick employee will depend greatly on the injury or illness in question. In general, however, employees can expect the following benefits for an approved workers compensation claim:

  • Medical payments related to medically necessary treatment
  • Wage replacement up to a specific dollar amount for a defined amount of time

Workers compensation also provides final expenses and death benefits for dependents if an employee dies while on the job.

How Workers Compensation Benefits Employers

Injury lawsuits can lead to extensive legal costs and required payment of medical bills and legal fees. With a properly written workers compensation policy, you protect your business from these liability expenses.

Moreover, a workers compensation policy shows your employees that you care what happens to them. This investment in your employees will bring a return on investment in the form of employee engagement, loyalty and retention.

Your Partner Throughout the Process

Should you choose to work with us to obtain your company’s work comp policy, you’ll not only gain access to coverage, you’ll also gain access to a trusted advisor. Your point of contact here will be accessible to you when you need them, answering your calls, responding to your emails and working in tandem with you. We can also offer additional assistance to help minimize claims by improving your employee safety program.

Free Consultations and Free, No-Obligation Quotes

Whether you currently have workers compensation coverage or you are looking for your first policy, our team of business insurance professionals can help. Call us at 512-451-6551 to discuss how a work comp program can benefit your company. Or send us an email to request a free, no-obligation workers comp quote.

We’ll offer you information and guidance, without any pressure. Learn more by contacting our independent insurance agents at our Austin office today.

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