Avoid Holiday Liability in Austin, TX with Business Insurance and these Tips!

Holiday Liability & Business Insurance Austin TX

Make sure you’re covered for your company party with this guide and business insurance Austin TX!

With the holidays come holiday parties, and while company parties celebrate the merriment of the season, they also come with responsibilities. If you’re hosting this year’s company holiday party, make sure you’re covered for any potential liabilities. Often the liabilities at a company party are associated with alcohol and sexual harassment. While a having drink or two is good fun, consider these tips to reduce liabilities and enjoy the holiday season.

  • Consider having the party off-site and hold the party at a venue with a liquor license. A venue with a liquor license will have some of the alcohol-related responsibility transferred to them.
  • Only use licensed bartenders to serve alcohol at the party. They have experience handling alcohol and are better equipped to recognize when someone has had a bit too much to drink.
  • Along with a licensed bartender, have a few members of management keep an eye out for overly intoxicated employees and guests.
  • Administer drink tickets. That way you can control how many drinks your employees are drinking, and reduce the potential for dangerous situations.
  • Close the bar an hour and a half before the party ends. That way your guests have a chance to sober up before heading home.
  • Offer non-alcoholic options. They’re cheaper and safer!
  • Prevent any drinking and driving by making sure alternative transportation is available. Whether it be public transit, a shuttle, or a designated driver, make sure no one is drinking and driving.
  • Review the company’s code of conduct with your employees, including harassment policies, just to refresh their memories!
  • Avoid any mistletoe just to ensure no harassment related mistletoe incidents occur.
  • Create a safe space for reporting any harassment. Whether it’s experienced or witnessed, it’s important for employees to be able to communicate it to the company.
  • Discuss your current business insurance policies with your agent so you’ll understand what you are and aren’t covered for.

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