What Your Mobile Home Insurance Should Cover

If you’re considering investing in one of the large and luxurious mobile homes in Texas, start by finding an insurance policy that will cover this type of structure. Most home insurance agencies refuse coverage for manufactured homes, so search for mobile home insurance specifically. Look for a policy that protects at least these basic components.

The structure and all the materials contained in it should be supported by the insurance. If a small fire damages the walls and ceiling, the cost of repairs needs to be covered by a good insurance policy. The best options will also cover at least some of your belongings and furnishings inside.

Many homeowners who choose a mobile home invest in carports, sheds and even extensions to maximize their space. Your insurance policy should have an option for extending protection to this extra structures. This is especially important if you are investing thousands of dollars to add a new bedroom or back porch onto your home.

Finally, don’t forget about liability coverage. Taking a policy with Central Insurance Agency will ensure you are covered in the event your visitors and guests slip and fall while on your premises.

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