An Umbrella Policy Can Extend the Important Coverage of Home and Auto Insurance

Umbrella Policy & Homeowners Insurance Austin TX

Why you might want an umbrella policy with your home and auto insurance.

If you’ve carefully read through your Austin, TX homeowners insurance policy, you discovered that it doesn’t just cover the structure of your home and the personal property you store in it. Standard home insurance policies also provide liability coverage.

With liability coverage from your existing coverage, why would you need umbrella insurance? Here are just a few reasons you might want an umbrella policy.

  • Heightened Risk: Do you own a boat or jet ski?  Do you have a swimming pool, trampoline or other “fun” exposure at your home?  Or even a dog that’s protective? All of these things increase your risk of injury to others and, in our litigious society, those kinds of damages can quickly add up. A lawsuit could exceed your homeowners insurance liability limits. Assess your hobbies and your belongings. If any of them could increase your liability exposure, consider umbrella insurance.
  • Protection Against Life’s What-Ifs: Even if you think you have very little exposure, know that life can change in the blink of an eye. One minute you or a family member are driving along just fine, the next you’ve caused or contributed to an accident.  If you hit the limits of your auto insurance policy paying for repairs and medical expenses, you’ll be glad you purchased umbrella insurance.
  • Cost:  You may be surprised how inexpensive umbrella coverage can be.

Clearly, some people are best served by carrying umbrella insurance along with their homeowners insurance. To learn if you are one of those people, contact Central Insurance Agency. Serving Austin and the neighboring Texas cities, we’re committed to helping you cover your excess liability, maximizing your family’s financial security.

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