The Importance Of Trucking (& Truck Insurance)

Truck Insurance Austin TexasWhat Trucking Means For The US Economy & Why Austin, TX Truck Insurance Matters

The transportation industry has long been an important part of the US economy. Not only does the trucking industry handle more cargo than ships, trains, and planes, it also ensures that goods get from the ports, airports, and rail yards to their final destinations.

In short, the trucking industry is a crucial piece of the US economy and needs to be protected by Austin, Texas truck insurance.

The Department of Transportation reports that there are over one million interstate motor carriers. Those carries transported 9.7 billion tons of goods in 2013, and almost 70 percent of that weight was moved by trucks. To date, the trucking industry brings in $681 billion and employs 7 million employees. Specifically, nearly one million truck drivers are employed in the US, earning $30 billion a year.

In America, we depend upon grocery stores, pharmacies, bookstores, car dealerships, and clothing retailers to get the goods we need not just to live comfortably, but purely to live. These commercial ventures rely on carriers—and primarily truckers—to get the goods they need to sustain American lives and American quality of life.

Before the goods ever reach the average consumer, truckers are responsible for getting raw materials to the manufacturer. Once the manufacturer creates the product, truck drivers help get it back to the retailers. In short, without truck drivers American life would look very differently.

Trucking is a unique and important industry, and truckers deserve to have coverage that will reflect that. At Central Insurance Agency, we have taken the time to tailor trucking insurance to best protect our clients in the Texas trucking industry. To get the right policy to protect you out on the road, contact our Austin team today.

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