Transportation & Trucking Insurance

If you’re going to be traveling on Texas roadways, it’s a good idea to work with Central Insurance Agency to get the coverage you need. Large numbers of trucking accidents and car accidents occur each and every year on the roads in Texas, and if you’re involved in one of those accidents and don’t have adequate coverage you may end up with serious financial problems. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there were 16401 crashes involving trucks in 2011, and 299 of those caused a fatality. That same year there were also 340,092 passenger car crashes, not including pickup trucks and SUVs.

It’s easy to see that crashes happen frequently, and even if the injuries aren’t serious there can still be a lot of damage done to the vehicle. Having good insurance means you won’t be hurt financially, because your policy will cover damage to your vehicle and damage you may have done to another person’s vehicle. You’ll also be covered if someone hits you and doesn’t have insurance, provided you have the right insurance options on your own vehicle. Don’t get caught unaware and end up in a mountain of debt. Make sure you work with a good agency to get the right insurance for your needs.

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