Make Your Next Camping Trip A Snap

Tips for Easy Camping

A Few Quick Tips To Make Your Adventure Easier

Spring is in full swing and has already begun to feed into summer, making it an ideal time to clean out the RV or pull out your tent and sleeping bags and head out into nature. Camping is one of the best ways to gather friends and family and escape the hustle and bustle of life to enjoy the season. To help make your next camping trips a breeze, here are a few tips for easy camping.

  • Toilet Paper: Nobody likes to have to handle a soggy roll of toilet paper. You can protect this camping essential by cutting a small section out of the side of a plastic coffee can. Put the toilet paper in, the lid on, and feed that paper out of the cut you made.
  • DIY Lantern: Two items you are already bringing on your trip can combine to bring more life. Put your headlamp around a gallon jug of water and flip it so the light is shining into the jug. There you have it, an instant lantern!
  • Spices: Amp up your campfire meals by packing spices in with you. Just empty out a Tic Tac container and fill it with your desired spice blend.
  • Easier Morning: Fend off the morning chill, and create a cozy space for your feet, by stuffing your clothes for tomorrow into your sleeping bag with you. They will be warm and toasty when you don them the next morning!

If you are cleaning out the RV to get it ready for a summer of great camping, do not forget to review the protection it has. For great RV insurance this spring, summer, and beyond, contact Central Insurance Agency. Our team in Austin, Texas is here to safeguard your upcoming adventures.

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