Texas Makes Yet Another Big Top 10

When it comes to hurricanes, we typically consider the areas along the southern portion of the United States as the most likely to be hit the hardest. Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy are two examples of storms which proved the ability of hurricanes to cause widespread damage can extend much further.

Core Logic’s 2013 storm surge report considered several important factors in ranking the top 10 states that are at greatest risk for storm surge damage. In addition to geographical risk factors, the company looked at current and future population trends, residential development, and the length of a state’s coastline. Texas ranked third on the list with 369,577 properties along the Gulf coast being potentially at risk for damage from hurricanes and the storm surge.  The number one and two states are Florida and Louisiana.

 The Texas coastline has areas where “shelves” slope. Water in these areas is shallow, so there are only small waves, but the flip side is that the storm surge potential increases. Although the storm surge accumulates in the “shelf” areas, the force of a hurricane pushes the surge ashore, causing significant damage.  Two Texas cities that are at great risk for hurricane and storm surge damage, according to the report, are Corpus Christi and Houston.

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