Seasonal Hiring Considerations: Type, Recruitment, & Business Insurance

Why you need to consider everything from Austin, Texas business insurance to recruitment strategies with seasonal hires.Seasonal Hiring & Business Insurance Austin Texas

As the holiday season heats up, so might your business. If you’re the type of company that sees a spike in activity during the time of year, you’ve probably considered bringing on extra help. If you do end up opting for seasonal hiring, make sure you consider the type of employee you need, your recruitment strategy, and your Austin, Texas business insurance.

Employee Type

If you’re just looking for a temporary worker to whom you can delegate a few tasks, an independent contractor might be your best option. If, however, you want more control over how much your seasonal hire works and how he or she does the assigned tasks, it may be best to hire a temporary worker. Just know that if you choose the latter, you still need to offer insurance and benefits (more below).

Recruitment Strategy

Use your business’s presence on social media to recruit seasonal hires. You’ll probably want someone young, energetic, and local, and social media can deliver that type of person to you. Also, if you post seasonal positions on social media each year, people will know to look to you if they’re looking for temporary work.

Business Insurance

As we mentioned above, if you choose to hire a short-term employee instead an independent contractor, you need to treat that individual the same way you would any other. That means carrying workers’ compensation insurance for that person and withholding Social Security and Medicare from his or her paycheck.

You have enough to worry about with your seasonal hiring. Let us handle your temporary workers’ Austin, Texas business insurance needs. To learn more about how we can help you cover your new help and your business, contact Central Insurance Agency.

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