Back To School: Safe Driving Tips

Back to School: Safe Driving TipsProtect the kids out on the road with these safe driving tips for the back to school season.

If you’re like us, you just can’t believe the kids are back in school! Even if we want to deny that the summer is ending, though, it doesn’t change the fact that the first bell of the school year has rung.

It brings with it an influx of kids on the road, particularly around school zones. We want to help you protect them, so we put together this list of handy safe driving tips.

  • Read: Your kids shouldn’t be the only ones brushing up on their reading skills this time of year. Around school zones, traffic laws often change at different times of day. Make sure you carefully read the posted signage.
  • Call Ahead: If you’re going to be picking up or dropping off your kids at school, call the school to figure out their protocols. This is an incredibly busy time of day around schools, and the congested traffic.  The steady stream of young bodies in and out of cars makes it important that you don’t mess up the flow.
  • Stop: If you see a school bus with its red overhead lights flashing, come to a complete stop. If you see people at a crosswalk, stop until they reach the curb. We all know that kids are easily distracted so drive defensively around them.
  • Talk To Your Teen: Teens are some of the most dangerous drivers out on the road due to their inexperience. Have a serious conversation with your teen about being careful around school zones to reduce this risk.

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