8 Insurance Things To Think About Before Planning Your Holiday Party!

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As we near Christmas, Hanukkah, and Thanksgiving you may be preparing to host one or more holiday parties! Before you finalize your guest list, you should reexamine your insurance coverage. Regardless of the type of party, your liabilities are increased when you are the host. Here are a few pieces of useful information regarding the risks you take when planning a party:

  • If you serve alcohol at your party, and one of your guests gets in an automobile accident after deciding to drink and drive, you could be found liable.
  • If you were found liable for an alcohol-related accident, you could be forced to pay for injuries and/or damages.
  • If you provide entertainment or interactive games for fun, you could be liable for injuries to guests.
  • If a guest becomes injured in your home after tripping or falling, they could sue you for their medical bills.
  • Before that holiday party, make sure you review your Homeowner’s insurance policy and liability limits with your agent.
  • If you don’t have an Umbrella policy, ask your agent to provide you a quote.

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