Halloween Safety Tips For Parents & Kids

Fill Halloween with treats, not tricks, with these safety tips for parents and kids.Halloween Safety Tips for Parents & Kids

Halloween is almost here! You might be getting your kids’ costumes put together, carving pumpkins for the holiday, or gathering up candy to hand out to the trick-or-treaters who visit your home.

If your kids will be trick-or-treating, use these Halloween tips for parents and kids to help them celebrate in safety.

  • Be Careful with Costumes: Make sure your kids can safely and comfortably walk in their costumes. Check that shoes fit well.  If costumes hang too long, they may create a tripping hazard or, worse, a fire hazard near pumpkins that are lit. Also, make sure eyeholes in masks are cut large enough to give your kids full visibility.
  • Plan A Path: Sit down with your kids before Halloween night to mark out a path you’ll take for trick-or-treating. This will not only help you avoid areas that may not have houses handing out candy, it also helps you avoid unlit or less travelled roadways.
  • Get Treats, Not Tricks: Before your kids start eating the candy they collect, have them show you their spoils piece by piece. That way, they can get excited about all the candy and you have the chance to inspect what they have to make sure it’s fresh, clean and safe. Just make sure you have some replacement candy so you can swap out if needed.

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