Furnace Maintenance For The Changing Seasons

As the seasons change, it’s time to focus on furnace maintenance.Furnace Maintenance for Changing Seasons

Fall is in full swing and, even though it may not feel like it yet, winter is right around the corner. The leaves are turning, the temperatures are dropping, pumpkins are appearing, and local coffee shops are rolling out their fall-flavored beverages.

As the weather gets that distinct chill that comes with autumn, homeowners will begin to rely more and more on their furnaces to keep their homes cozy and warm. As fall turns to winter even more pressure will be put on the furnace. If it hasn’t received the maintenance it needs, it might be unable to handle the load.

Keep your furnace in top shape through the changing seasons with these furnace maintenance pointers.

  • Clean the vents. Take all the vent covers out from the floors and down from the walls and ceilings and give them a good cleaning. Clearing debris from your vents ensures your furnace doesn’t have to work harder to blow air through.
  • Replace the air filters. Similarly, a dirty, clogged air filter will make your furnace work overtime. Check the air filter and swap it out regularly. Just make sure you get the right sized replacement by checking the size of your old filter, which should be printed on the side.
  • Test your carbon monoxide detector. Make sure a carbon monoxide leak in your home can be detected. Test your carbon monoxide detector and place it 15 feet away from your furnace.
  • Call a pro. Once a year, have a professional come inspect and tune up your furnace.

Your furnace will keep your home warm, offering your family refuge from the cold. Similarly, your Austin, TX homeowners insurance can offer refuge from the storms of life that might come your way this winter or fall. To make sure you have the Texas insurance coverage you need as the seasons change, contact Central Insurance Agency.

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