What Texas Residents Needs To Know About El Niño & Flood Insurance

How to determine when it’s time to review your Austin, Texas home insurance policy.El Nino & Flood Insurance Austin Texas

El Niño is returning, bigger than ever.

According to the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center, climate models are showing that El Niño will bring a notably strong El Niño in either late fall or early winter. Experts are saying that the current models look a whole lot like 1997’s, which did serious damage and cost several lives.

El Niño has the power to move a subtropical jet stream so that, rather than releasing torrents on jungles in southern Mexico and Central America, the heavy downpour hits our part of the United States. We saw that underscored this spring, when heavy El Niño-related rains over Memorial Day weekend devastated much of Central Texas.

This winter, experts are saying we can expect cold and wet months. A normal El Niño brings as much as a 20 percent increase in rainfall, but this is no normal El Niño. Are you ready for it to hit?

If you don’t have Austin, Texas flood insurance, you can’t answer “yes.” You might think your homeowners insurance policy will protect you, but you’d be wrong. You need a separate flood insurance policy to be covered against flood damages. These policies have a 30-day waiting period before they can become effective, so don’t wait until El Niño’s storms are looming to protect your home!

Would you like more information about how Austin, Texas flood insurance can protect you and your family against the massive El Niño experts are predicting? To get the information you need, contact Central Insurance Agency. Our expert team is monitoring the progress of El Niño and how it’s predicted to affect Austin and the surrounding Texas area so we can help keep you covered.

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