Don’t Ring in the Holidays with Identity Theft

As the holiday season approaches, consumers gear up to find the perfect gifts. The National Retail Foundation reports that up to 140 million people will shop online for 2013 holiday deals. While shopping from the comfort of your computer or mobile device is convenient, it also presents a greater level of risk. Learn how to protect yourself from identity theft during the holidays.

  • Shop online using only a secured connection, not a public WIFI.
  • Confirm the connection is secure, check the URL to make sure https:// appears at the beginning.
  • Update your computer’s security software regularly.
  • Whenever possible, stick with online retailers you’ve used before.
  • Check your banking and credit card transactions regularly for signs of fraudulent use.
  • Consider subscribing to a service that monitors your online identity for questionable activity.

Some coverage for expenses associated with identity theft may be included in your Homeowners insurance policy.  Have your agent assess your particular policy and your needs. You may find that you need additional coverage to adequately protect you and your family. Contact Central Insurance Agency for more information regarding identity theft and to make sure you have the protection you need.

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