Don’t Let the Drought Affect your Home Foundation

Drought affects more than just crops and lake levels. It can also affect the foundation of your home. The drying of the earth around the foundation can cause it to have less support and, eventually, cracks could appear. Those can get larger and can result in more serious damage. A good foundation is vital to the structure and health of your house, so you want to stop the damage before it gets started. One way to do that is to keep the ground around the foundation from becoming too dry.

With water restrictions and conservation on our minds, keeping the ground around your foundation from becoming too dry can be hard, but very important.  Of course, it shouldn’t stay wet all the time – just monitor the ground around your home for cracking of the soil and/or pulling away from the foundation. If it’s starting to do that, it’s too dry and you should see that it gets some water. That may be the extra help the soil needs to protect your foundation, and your home, during an extended dry period. For more information about protection for your home, please contact Central Insurance Agency.

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