College Students & Insurance Needs

College Students and Insurance Needs

The Insurance Your College Student Needs

With the increasing availability and popularity of pricey electronics, your college student is probably heading off to school with a significant amount of possessions. Are you shipping all of this value off and hoping for the best?

To help you protect the textbooks, electronics, furniture, and other expensive items your student is heading to school with, take a look at your college student’s insurance needs.

Use these tips to help minimize the risk of property damage and theft.

  • Make An Inventory: Before leaving for school, take the time to make an inventory of all of the items your student will be bringing. That way, if you do find yourself needing to file a claim the paperwork will be a snap!
  • Engrave Expensive Items: Theft is unfortunately common on college campuses. To deter a possible thief, engrave electronics with your student’s name. This marker will make it less worth the risk for a thief.
  • Lock Up: In the dorms, there is a sense of camaraderie. This is great, but it does encourage college students to leave their doors unlocked. Encourage your student and his or her roommates to always lock the door – even if just heading across the hall in the middle of the day.

You are probably a little worried about your student heading off to college. While we cannot completely ease your mind, we can help you rest easy at least knowing his or her stuff is protected. To get the insurance your college student needs, contact Central Insurance Agency in Austin, Texas today.


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