MotoGP Comes To The Circuit of the Americas

Circuit of the Americas MotoGP

Expert Drivers Navigate Our Local Track At Breakneck Speeds

If you have not yet visited the Circuit of the Americas, you need to go as soon as possible. This premier 1,500 acre campus is home to some of the best sports and entertainment events in the area. From April 10th to 12th, the Circuit of the Americas hosts MotoGP. The world’s fastest bikes will test their speed and you will not want to miss this exciting event.

Motorcycle road racing is one of the most exhilarating live sport events to watch. At MotoGp events, the fastest motorcycles around compete for speed, manned by the most expert drivers. One of Texas’s most heart-pounding events, MotoGP at the Circuit of the Americas is one of just two times that MotoGP races on American soil (the other 16 races will be held all across the world, from Malaysia to Italy to Argentina).

Last year, the average speed at MotoGP competitor reached on our local track as 159.4 kilometers per hour (99 mph). The top speed was a wow-worthy 341.6 kilometers per hour (212 mph). Not only do the racers fly down the course, they also have to navigate 11 left and 9 right turns at those breakneck speeds.

Tens of thousands of people will turn out to watch these expert drivers navigate Austin’s impressive course. You can get your tickets to this heart-pounding event here.

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