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Prioritize The Positive In The New Year For Growth In 2015

With the bulk of the holiday rush behind us, we are all gladly catching our breath and looking forward to a fresh start in the New Year. You likely have your personal list of New Year’s resolutions polished and ready to go, but have you considered writing a list of resolutions for your small business as well? Focusing on your business goals for the New Year can motivate you to actually implement them. To get you started, we would like to offer these New Year’s resolutions for businesses:

  1. Know Your Value: It can be tempting to slash prices to encourage new customers, but once people see the lower price of your product and service they will assume they can get it for that amount, thereby lowering the value of what you do. Believe in your work and the prices you have set; your customers will see your conviction and trust that you know your own value.
  2. Know Your Network: It can seem like an unnecessary trouble to get out of the office and meet your customers and vendors in person, but in today’s increasingly impersonal world connecting face-to-face will make you stand out among your competitors. After all, aren’t you more likely to choose the human you know over the email sitting in your inbox?
  3. Know Your Limits: Small business owners know better than anyone that it can be difficult to take the time off that will create a healthy balance between your personal and professional life. Committing to do so may actually benefit your work, though, since getting the rest you need enables you to come back to the office firing on all cylinders.

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