4 Tips For Painting Your Home Like A Pro

Austin Tips for Painting your Home

Looking for a way to make the interior of your home feel like new without emptying your bank account? With a fresh coat of paint on the walls, your home can feel brand new. Interior painting is also a home renovation project that may not require the help of a professional. Rather, invite some friends over and have appetizers and drinks ready, and start painting! Compiled is a list of 4 steps to take to make your walls look like a pro did the work:

  1. Picking the right color is probably the hardest part of painting your walls. Consider the tone and style that you want to convey in the room, and work around that. If you are looking to give off a comfortable ambiance to the room, use darker colors. If you are looking to make a small room look more spacious, consider lighter hues.
  2. If you thought choosing the color was complicated, the various types of finishes can be far more confusing. Matte finish typically provides the best results as it is more difficult to see any imperfections. Semi-glosses will provide you with a very glossy look. It is recommended that you stick to eggshell, satin, and flat finishes.
  3. Before spending money on a quart of paint, take home some samples and tape them to the walls. This will allow you to best determine if you want to paint your walls that color.
  4. Once you have finalized your paint color and finish decisions, it is time to gather the necessary painting supplies: ½ inch roller handle & cover, 2 ½ inch angular brush, plastic sheets, blue tape for covering edges, enough paint trays for each painter, a bucket, and a two-step ladder.

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