Small Business Insurance Guidelines 101

Austin Small Business Owners and Insurance

Austin small business owners are susceptible to unique risks and exposures. Without a comprehensive, personalized business insurance policy, you leave your business’ most important assets in harm’s way. All the time, effort, and money you have put into your small business deserves unparalleled protection. If you are unsure of which coverage options to choose for your business insurance policy, allow our business insurance guidelines 101 to help you out:

  • Property Insurance Coverage: Without this insurance policy, you leave your business’ structure, tools, and inventory at risk.
  • Liability Insurance Coverage:  If a customer is injured on your business property or by your product or service, your liability insurance policy will cover the medical expenses of the injured individual and provide you with legal defense if necessary. As lawsuits have become a common part of business, it becomes increasingly more important to obtain this coverage.
  • Worker’s Compensation: Any company that has employees needs to obtain worker’s compensation coverage. This will safeguard your organization when employees become ill or injured from work operations.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage: Any company that requires the use of vehicles to perform business operations needs this form of insurance. This rule also goes for those who have their employees work using their own vehicles.
  • Business Interruption Insurance Coverage: Many small business owners opt out of this insurance policy thinking that it is unnecessary. However, if a covered peril forces your organization to pause business for a period of time while you recover, this insurance policy will cover lost income.

Contact Central Insurance Agency in Austin for all of your Texas business insurance needs. Since 1958, we have provided Texas businesses with personalized insurance products tailored to meet the exclusive needs of the organization. Allow us to safeguard your business’ most important assets.

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