What Homeowners Insurance Discounts Am I Missing Out On?

Austin Homeowners Insurance Discounts

It is no surprise that insurance is one of the largest expenses on your list of bills, but without it you leave yourself completely vulnerable. Many Austin homeowners fail to take advantage of discount opportunities that can actually save them a substantial amount. Below are a variety of insurance discounts that are available to you.

  • Home automation is a new technology that many homeowners are choosing to utilize. Home automation may allow you an insurance discount since most will have some type of security system. Home automation systems can alert you and the fire department if a fire starts in your house. Likewise, it can also act as a home security system, alerting both you and the police if someone breaks into your home.
  • Speaking of security systems, even having a basic security system that alerts you and the authorities should provide you a discount on your homeowners’ insurance. Since the likelihood of the criminal getting away with any of your goods is significantly reduced when you have a security system, your insurance carrier should reward you.
  • New technologies have created sensors that actually alert you when water touches the interior of your home. These automated sensor systems could allow additional insurance discounts.
  • While you should already have smoke alarms in each room, adding a monitoring system to your smoke alarms that alerts the local fire department of a fire could further reduce your homeowners’ insurance premium.

Ask us how you can start welcoming home automation into your life! Contact Central Insurance Agency in Austin for all of your Texas homeowners’ insurance needs. Since 1958, we have been providing Texas residents with unparalleled insurance services that maximize protection.

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