Why invest in Commercial Auto Insurance?


Making sure you have the right auto insurance can help save you and your business time and money in the unfortunate event of an accident. There are large differences between commercial insurance and personal auto insurance, both with their own pros and cons.

Personal auto insurance is the typical auto insurance for everyday cars. The insurance policy follows the registered owner of the vehicle. Commercial auto insurance, or fleet insurance follows the vehicle as opposed to the owner. The name on a fleet insurance policy can be a company rather than a single person. Fleet insurance may be needed when a vehicle is used for business purposes. One of the main benefits of fleet insurance is that many different types of vehicles can be insured with the same policy based on your company’s needs. It can range from a fleet of 20 moving vans to a single company car that employees use for deliveries.

Central Insurance Agency, located in Austin, Texas, can help you find the best fleet insurance policy for your business. As an independent insurance agency, Central Insurance Agency will do the research to make sure you get the proper fleet policy that fits your needs.

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