Apps to Make Your Teen a Safe Driver

apps to prevent texting & drivingHaving a new teen driver in your household can be an exciting yet scary experience. While your teen will enjoy the newfound freedom that comes along with getting their license, they may not consider all the dangers of the road. Although you can try and teach your teen how to be safe on the road through safe driving tips, you cannot be with them every time they get behind the wheel. New cell phone technology can help your young driver make better choices and avoid some of the distractions.   A few of the new apps available are:

  • is an app that does not turn off communications entirely, but will read text messages and emails out loud. The user can even choose to have the messages read in a male or female voice, or based on the gender of the text sender.
  • AT&T DriveMode is an app that is available for Android and BlackBerry and automatically sends out a customized reply to any incoming text messages. The app also disables all phone calls, both incoming and outgoing, and Web browsing while driving. It needs to be enabled by the user, so use of the app is voluntary.
  • tXtBlocker is compatible with many different smart phones and allows the user to customize locations and times of days when phone calls and texts are not accepted. This app can be used to block phone usage during routine commuting or driving times.
  • Textexution is an Android app that eliminates texting capabilities if the phone is moving faster than 10 MPH. If a passenger is using the device, they may request an override that must be allowed by the phone “administrator.” If someone tries to remove the app from the phone, the administrator is also notified.

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