8th Annual Austin Ice Cream Festival

Austin Ice Cream Festival

Summer is here and do you find yourself ever screaming for ice cream? This year marks the 8th Annual Austin Ice Cream Festival. The festival will take place on Saturday, August 9th with an admission fee of $10 that includes FREE ice cream! Your friends, family, and pets will love this amazing event! We expect to hear you scream for ice cream!

With games, activities, contests, live entertainment, and of course, ice cream, there is fun to be had for every member of your family.

This annual event will take place at Fiesta Gardens and benefits local charities and organizations such as the Austin Children’s Shelter, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Habibis Hutch, and many more. The festival will be sponsored by One Source Recycling.

Festival Contests:

Homemade Ice Cream Making Contest – Bring your homemade ice cream and compete against other locals with famous homemade recipes. Entry for the contest is $20.

Popsicle Stick Sculpture Contest – As long as no pre-notched sticks are used, you can win this contest by simply making the best sculpture out of Popsicle sticks. Whether you choose to create your masterpiece at home or at the festival, you must be creative in making absolutely any sculpture of your choosing. This contest is free and welcome to contestants of all ages.

Ice Cream Eating Contest

How fast can you finish a gallon of ice cream? Joey Chestnut the World Champion Eater and Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Champion has taken home the prize in the past. Can you beat the competition? This brain freeze will cost you $10.

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