Top 10 Wind and Hail States


Wind and hail can cause major damage to your property.  This type of extreme weather happens everywhere, but some states are affected more than others.  Certain regions of the country seem to consistently have weather patterns that produce storms with damaging wind and hail.

State Farm reports that wind and hail claims cost the company more than $3.9 billion in 2012. The insurance company compiled a list of the top 10 states reporting wind and hail losses last year, along with the number of claims. Here are the top 10, from least to most claims:

10) Colorado (16,000 claims)

9) Kentucky (22,000 claims)

8) New Jersey (23,000 claims)

7) Indiana (23,000 claims)

6) Tennessee (24,000 claims)

5) Missouri (25,000 claims)

4) Ohio (31,000 claims)

3) New York (34,000 claims)

2) Illinois (41,000 claims)

1) Texas (47,000 claims)

This year may bring another round of wind and hail to the Lone Star State. To learn more about covering your property, whether it’s your home, auto or business here in Texas, contact Central Insurance Agency.

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