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Technology is changing our lives. From making communication easier to making information more accessible to reducing our energy usage, we have seen how technological advancements can make our lives better. It can also make our homes safer, as we are seeing evidenced by smart technologies.

Here is a quick look at a few of the latest updates in home technology and how your Austin, Texas homeowners insurance is affected by them.

  • Smart Smoke Detectors: You know that smoke detectors are crucial, but you also know they are traditionally not the most advanced technology (just think of that annoying beep when the batteries are low). Fortunately, today’s models work harder and smarter. Smart detectors will test the air with their sensors and tell you their findings with voice or text messages relayed over wifi. They can test for carbon monoxide, too.
  • Bluetooth Bolts: Stop fumbling with your keys when your hands are full. With a Bluetooth-enabled doorknob, you can simply touch your smartphone or fob to your door handle to unlock it. Need to let a friend into your house but cannot get him or her the keys? Just send their smartphone an electronic key code!
  • Connected Cameras: Gone are the days when installing a surveillance system in your house required miles of wire, bulky mounting devices, and piles of money. Today’s wifi connected cameras are light and much more affordable. They stream a live feed to your mobile device so you can keep an eye on your home when you are away.

If you decide to invest in some of this new home technology to amp up your house’s security, contact Central Insurance Agency in Austin. We can work with you to see how these efforts to increase your home’s safety could decrease your homeowners insurance premiums. So that your coverage will best reflect your changes and best meet your needs, call our team of Texas insurance experts.


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