Keep Young Drivers Safe By Identifying Risks While On The Road

With more young drivers getting into serious or deadly car accidents every day, parents need to take proactive steps to keep their teens safe when handing the kids the car keys. To do this, parents can help young drivers identify risks they may encounter on the road. Check out this list of risks to talk about with your teen.

Aggressive drivers: There are some drivers out there who think they own the road, as they swerve dangerously through traffic, run red lights and drive too close to other vehicles. Let your teen know to always share the road with other drivers and to look for the signs that there is a dangerous, aggressive driver nearby. Tell them that it is okay to pull over and let the other driver pass by rather than getting upset at the aggressive driver.

Distractions: We live in a world with many distractions. From combing hair in the rearview mirror to answering our cellphones, these distractions can take a teen’s eyes off the road for only a second. Yet that second can be deadly. Inform your children about possible distractions they may find inside the vehicle and out on the road.

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