Protecting Gifts With Your Policy

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What You Need To Know To Get Your New Valuable Item Covered

You can never put a price tag on the heart-warming feeling that came with the beautiful gift your loved one gave you, but you will feel the full financial weight of your special present if you fail to insure it properly and need to replace it down the road. Make sure that you prioritize insuring your valuables so you can cherish your gifts with peace of mind.

Contact your insurance agent soon after receiving your holiday gifts so you can find the best way to include them on your policy. Discuss with your provider the type of coverage you have secured for your valuables. Replacement cost will enable you to replace your items at their full value today. Cash value policies are usually less expensive, but will only cover the depreciated value of the item based on when you originally bought it.

You will also want to ask your agent if there is a cap on coverage on certain types of items with your homeowners insurance, such as a limit on the amount of art or jewelry your policy will pay to replace. If your policy has such a cap, you have the option to schedule items. That means you will specifically list that item and its value on your policy. With that, you can rest easy knowing your scheduled items are properly valued and covered.

If you are looking for guidance to ensuring your treasured items, contact Central Insurance Agency in Austin, Texas today. Our ultimate goal is to offer you superior service, so we are here to help you make sure your valuables are comprehensively covered. Call our team of dedicated and certified professionals so you can get the protection you deserve today!


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