Remodeling? Renovate Your Insurance, Too

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Make Sure Your Coverage Stays Up With Your Additions

As home prices are appreciating, many homeowners are finding that it is a better financial decision to stay in their current homes and renovate rather than relocating. Renovating allows you to deal with the problem issues in your own home without having to pack up your family and move.

While remodeling your home is a great way to stay in your home in the long term, it is important for you to know that making changes to your home will affect your insurance coverage, too. Home renovations will affect the value of your house. Whether you have used building materials that will affect the cost of repairs to your home, have added a bedroom and bath, or have updated your appliances, the value of your home and its contents has likely changed. That means you need to update your homeowners insurance policy to reflect the new value of your property.

Work with your Austin insurance agent on updating your policy to ensure your coverage stays current. To work with a dedicated, committed team, contact Central Insurance Agency. Our team is here to help you maintain the Texas homeowners insurance you need to be fully protected no matter the changes you make to your home.


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