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Keep Your Loved Ones And Thoughtful Gifts Safe With These Tips

You have spent countless hours, lots of energy, and a certain amount of money on the holiday gifts that sit beneath your tree. Your loved ones look forward to exchanging thoughtful presents with you this month, but thieves look forward to the added amount of valuables stocked in homes this time of year. Do not become prey to one of these seasonal stealers. Protect your family and the gifts you look forward to giving them with these holiday safety tips.

  1. Trust Technology: In this modern age, your home security can extend well beyond a double-bolted door. If you have not installed a home security system, consider investing in one. The upfront expense will be well worth it when you think about the expense and hassle that would come with needing to replace the valuables in your home, plus it can bring your insurance premiums down.
  2. Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe: You love the new watch your loved one gave you, but avoid the temptation to advertise it on social media. If you are planning on traveling over the holidays, leave your pictures off the web until you return home. You never know who could be scanning the web for an easy, high-value nab. If you are recycling boxes from an expensive gift, consider turning them inside out before putting them outside.
  3. Leave a Light On: Avoiding theft becomes much easier if you do not seem to be out of town for an extended period of time. Consider putting a light that can easily be seen from outside on a timer to make it appear your home is inhabited even while you travel.

Should the worst happen, you would rely on your homeowner’s insurance policy to rebuild, replace, and restore your family home. Make sure you have the coverage you need by contacting Central Insurance Agency, located in Austin, Texas, today! Our dedicated team is here to give you peace of mind this holiday season and in the New Year.


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