Contractors: 4 Reasons To Hire Those With A License!

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Home construction, and building material costs are at an all-time high! In order to save on construction costs, it may be tempting to hire the services of an unlicensed contractor.  However, you should do your best to avoid this urge! State licensure for contractors was instituted in order to stop untrustworthy people from taking advantage of homeowners. Why work with an individual who has chosen to ignore the rules? Unlicensed contractors can be a nightmare for a number of different reasons. Here is why:

  • They typically do not carry their own insurance. If they are uninsured and either become injured on the job or cause damage to others,  you may end up being responsible.
  • They are not required to understand local building codes like licensed contractors are. If they complete work that violates a city code, the work may have to be reversed, and you may have to pay for it.
  • They may ask for a large sum of money up front before any work has been done, then leave before completing the project.
  • They are not required to have prior experience like licensed contractors do. Therefore, the work they complete may not be done correctly.

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