Buoying Your Business: Floods & Business Insurance

Floods & Business Insurance Austin Texas

Why You Should Care About Floods & Austin, Texas Business Insurance

As a business owner, one of your greatest fears is likely something capsizing your business. You have poured countless hours and energy into making your company what it is today, and would be devastated—financially and otherwise—to lose it all. That is why you have taken out business insurance. What you should know, though, is that standard commercial property coverage does not protect against floods.

So rising waters never cause your stress levels to rise, here is what you need to know about floods and Austin, Texas business insurance.

Even if you have a commercial package policy or business owners policy, your policy will likely not offer coverage for flood damage. You need to secure separate flood insurance in order to protect your business against the major expense and halt in business operations that can come with rising waters.

Flood insurance is designed to specifically cover the  damage to your building and contents (e.g. your inventory, your equipment) that results from flooding. It does not matter if the flood came from a rainstorm, storm surge, snow melt, overflowing river, blocked storm drain, or broken levee.  To fully safeguard your business due to your susceptibility to flooding, having the appropriate insurance is key.

Fortunately, the insurance experts at Central Insurance Agency can review your existing commercial coverage with you to ensure your flood and other exposures are not left unaddressed. To connect with an agent who can ensure your business has the coverage it deserves, contact us today. With decades of experience serving businesses in Austin, we have the insider’s insight you need to get the right protection. For all of your Texas business insurance needs, call us.


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