Fire Prevention Week Inspires You to Keep an Eye Out for Ways to Prevent Fires

Inspired by the Great Chicago Fire that took place in October of 1871, Fire Prevention Week has had a major theme every year since 1927. The 2013 theme of Fire Prevention Week is about how to prevent kitchen fires.

The most obvious way to prevent a kitchen fire is to never leave your kitchen unattended when cooking or baking. Another simple tip is to make sure your stove top is free of flammable items such as paper towels, pot holders or grocery bags.  Be sure to regularly replace the batteries in smoke alarms throughout the house and keep a fully-charged fire extinguisher in your kitchen and another one near your outdoor grill. Unplug electrical devices you do not use every day.

Tips for the rest of the house:  maintain your furnace, fireplace, wood stove and chimney.  In older homes, check to see if your electrical outlets and wiring are up to code.  Above all, contact your agent to discuss all of this and to keep your Homeowners insurance up to date.  For more information about Fire Prevention Week tips, please contact Central Insurance Agency.

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