Tips For Homeowners: Water Damage Prevention & Insurance

Homeowners, protect your home with these water damage prevention tips and Austin, TX homeowners insurance.Damage Prevention & Homeowners Insurance Austin Texas

Which would you rather have spilled on your white rug: red wine or water? Everyone would answer water. It’s not surprising, then, that we might be less inclined to notice signs of water leaks or other water-related issues in our home. A little water couldn’t hurt, right?

While a little water isn’t a big problem, a lot of water can create a major headache and a major expense. To protect your home and your wallet, use these water damage prevention tips and carry adequate Austin, Texas homeowners insurance.

  • Make sure every member of your family knows where the main water shutoff is located. That way, even if one of your kids comes home to flooding he or she will know how to stop the problem before it gets worse!
  • Test for signs of hidden leaks. Look at your water meter reading, then wait for two hours without using any water in your home. Check your meter again; if it doesn’t read exactly the same you could have a leak.
  • Make it a habit to check all of your water-based appliances regularly and perform any recommended maintenance. If you notice any signs of leaking or corrosion, have a professional come and make repairs.
  • Test your water pressure with a hose bib gauge. You can buy this at your local hardware store, then simply attach it to a spigot outside. Open the spigot and get your reading. If it’s above 85 psi, you might want to talk to a plumber about it to see if they recommend reducing the amount of pressure you’re putting on your pipes. Too much pressure encourages leaks.
  • Consider turning off the water to appliances during extended times away from home.

If your home does face water damage, having adequate homeowners insurance could provide valuable protection. If you’d like to talk to an insurance expert about how you can buoy your financial security against water damage expense, contact Central Insurance Agency.

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