What You Need For Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance Austin TX

Here’s what you need to know for classic car insurance.

We don’t want to be the ones to break the news to you, but all too often we meet people who think they own a classic car but—quite frankly—don’t. This is a bigger problem because it makes it confusing for even the most serious collectors to know how to insure their hobbies. In order to get the right protection for your vehicle, it’s important you understand where standard car insurance stops and classic car insurance begins.

To help, here are a few things you need in order to qualify for Austin, TX classic car insurance.

  • A Classic Car: To get classic car insurance, you need a car with a value that exceeds its original sale price. Generally, these vehicles are 30+ years old, modified/restored, exotic, or are considered a luxury vehicle.
  • A Good Record: Even if your car is a true classic, you might have a hard time getting it insured if your driving record is poor. Just like regular auto insurance, past infractions like speeding, driving under the influence, and driving recklessly can disqualify you from classic car coverage.
  • An Alternate Mode Of Transportation: If you’re using your classic on your daily commute, you’re probably not going to be able to get classic car insurance for it. Generally, insurers will have a mileage and usage restriction. There may be some exceptions for car shows and meetings, but ask your insurer in advance.
  • A Garage: You will need to show your insurer that you have a secure space in which you can park your vehicle that protects it.

Fortunately, you don’t have to figure out the policy your vehicle needs on your own. Contact Central Insurance Agency to speak with a Texas insurance agent who will take the time to understand your unique car and tailor the right classic car insurance for it. For all of your Austin car insurance needs—from your brand new model to your old, beloved, valuable classic—call us today!

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