Central Insurance Supports Capital IDEA

Central Insurance Agency is proud to work with Capital IDEA, a non-profit organization that helps non-traditional students get the training and education they need to move from a cycle of low-paying jobs to jobs and careers that pay a living wage.  Capital IDEA was established in 1998 and today operates in Austin and the surrounding areas of Central Texas. The program works because it is not a hand-out, but rather a hand-up.

The Mission Statement of Capital IDEA is to lift working adults in Central Texas out of poverty and into living wage careers through education. Funding and support of the program comes from government sources, from local businesses and from private contributions.

Although Capital IDEA is similar to college scholarships in some ways, it is different in several important ways. Tuition, fees and textbooks are provided at no cost to the student, but the program goes beyond the basics. When needed, applicants are given assistance to help bring their basic math, reading and writing skills up to a college level. Help may be provided for childcare costs and, upon graduation, students receive job placement assistance. To learn more about this fantastic organization and the important mission it serves, check them out at .

Central Insurance Agency’s mission is to serve the insurance needs of people living in Austin and all of Texas.  For solutions to your insurance needs, contact us!

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