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Avoid Extra Workers’ Compensation Claims This Winter

As the temperatures drop, it is unfortunately common to see workers’ compensation claims on the rise. With chilly weather bringing more precipitation and more hazardous roadways and sidewalks, this is the time of year to exhibit a little extra caution when getting from point A to point B.

While they may not seem like a big deal, slips, trips, and falls account for the majority of business related accidents. It can be difficult to understand if an accident that happens in the parking lot of your business property is work related, so we would like to offer this quick guide:

  1. Coming Or Going: Although you and your employees likely factor your daily commutes as part of your work day, workers’ compensation says that the business is responsible for covering medical expenses or compensating for lost income only once the employee reaches the location of the business. In other words, workers’ comp will not cover injuries while on the freeway, but will cover a slip in the parking lot.
  2. Off or On The Clock: The above rule does not mean that workers’ compensation only kicks in once you punch your time card. If an employee is injured from a fall on a sidewalk when heading in to their place of work, that injury is said to have arisen in the course of employment and will consequently be covered.
  3. Paid Or Unpaid Breaks: Breaks during the workday are covered by workers’ comp based on location, not on pay. For example, if an employee is taking an unpaid break and is injured on the business property, they will likely be covered. If, on the other hand, a worker is taking a paid break off-property and is injured, their personal insurance may be responsible for covering any associated costs.

Central Insurance Agency is here to be your guide to the complicated world of worker’s compensation. Make sure you have the business insurance you need to properly cover your employees and your business. Contact Central Insurance Agency in Austin, Texas today! We are here to make sure you get the protection your hard work deserves.


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