Is Your Business Protected Online?

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Keep Your Business Safe From Online Hackers

Technological advancement has done a lot for business. The need for physical storage has reduced, connecting with clients regularly has become easier, and developing and maintaining operations for your business has become more efficient with specialized software. While these changes have been powerful for businesses, they do bring a new set of risks.

If your business has not considered its cyber liability, it could find itself facing issues down the road. Hackers are no longer just targeting major corporations. Instead, they are focusing on small- and mid-sized businesses as these companies may not have implemented safeguards, but are still collecting personal information of their clients.

Data breaches are becoming increasingly common. Let the past mistakes of Target and Home Depot serve as an example – no business is completely safe from the risk of being hacked. If your security systems are breached, you will be responsible for notifying every individual whose information was compromised, doing extensive forensics research to determine the extent of the breach, and overhauling your security.  With adequate cyber liability insurance, these expenses and others can be covered.

To protect your business against the unique risks of the digital age, contact Central Insurance Agency. We are here to help you safeguard against your cyber liability with full business insurance. Centered out of Austin, we are here to meet all of your Texas coverage needs. You do not have to figure out how to protect all of your business assets in the modern age on your own. Call our expert team today.


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