Aware Awake Alive to be rolled out to CSU System

Central Insurance Agency supports Aware Awake Alive!

On December 2, 2008, Carson Starkey died from acute alcohol poisoning after a Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity initiation ritual required him to consume large quantities of alcohol. Established in Carson Starkey’s name, Aware Awake Alive! is a Texas-based nonprofit organization with a mission to enlighten people to the under-appreciated – but very real — dangers of alcohol poisoning.

Awake Aware Alive aims to generate awareness and dialogue about the dangers and symptoms of alcohol overdose, and educate teens, young adults and parents on amnesty-based policies, while creating a partnership encouraging the shared responsibility and education of young adults, parents and educators.

Recently, following a presentation by Carson Starkey’s parents, Cal State University Chancellor Timothy P. White announced an implementation commitment to the Awake Aware Alive! peer-to-peer Toolbox binge-drinking awareness program. The program helps students identify and act on the symptoms of alcohol poisoning. The program will be rolled out to all 23 CSU campuses.

For more information about the Aware Awake Alive! Program, their third-party awareness and fundraising events, and the recent CSU Toolbox roll-out, visit the Aware Awake Alive! website.

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