The Importance of Having Workers Compensation

Austin Workers Compensation

Business owners go above and beyond to protect their business. Without a worker’s compensation policy in place, it is impossible to protect the assets of your organization. A worker’s compensation policy allows you to rest assured knowing that anyone who is injured will receive coverage.

What if an employee slipped, fell, and had a severe spinal injury after the accident? Who would pay for their medical expenses? Who would pay for the ambulance to take them to the emergency room? Your worker’s compensation policy would!

This form of insurance will provide medical care to any employees who are injured or become ill due to causes directly related to work operations. Your coverage limits will be directly dependent on the state in which you operate your business. Varying laws will determine how much you will need to spend on a worker’s compensation policy and which medical provider your employees will see.

Your worker’s compensation policy will provide injured employees with coverage even if their own mistake caused the injury. Likewise, employees also receive coverage if they are off the premises but still conducting work duties. This may include an injury that occurs at a client’s home.

In order to reduce worker’s compensation claims, it is important that you put in place sound safety measures for employees to follow. Many organizations find that having regular staff meetings that incorporate workplace safety tips is crucial in reducing worker’s compensation claims.

Contact Central Insurance Agency in Austin for all of your Texas business insurance needs. We can help provide your organization with a sound worker’s compensation policy so that all employees are adequately protected. Serving Texas residents since 1958, you can feel confident knowing all of your business’ assets are properly protected.

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