Preparing Your Business For An Emergency

Austin Small Business Owners and Storm Preparedness

When running a business, you are faced with a variety of concerns. Recovering after a damaging disaster or accident is a big one.  You may be able to minimize the recovery period if you prepare in advance.. Without an effective plan put in place, your business may begin to suffer financially. Gathered is a list of precautionary measures we encourage you to take to offer your business the protection it deserves:

  • Start your emergency preparedness plan by first identifying your risks. Determine what natural disasters affect your location and prepare for those emergencies. This will also help you choose an adequate insurance policy based on those emergencies.  For example, if you determine you are not susceptible to flooding, you may not need to purchase a flood insurance policy.
  • After conducting a business impact analysis, you can better determine what effects a natural disaster could have on your organization. This will help you determine the amount of coverage needed in your business insurance policies as well. Be sure to keep in mind lost income, and closure for repairs.
  • Once you create an emergency response plan, go over the plan with your employees. You should conduct safety drills on a regular basis and have informational flyers posted around the office so that everyone knows how to proceed after an event.
  • It is equally important that you create a crisis communication plan so that your employees know how you will communicate important information to them after a disaster.
  • You may want to consider seeking professional advice and information from the Federal Emergency Management Agency or the American Red Cross to determine what safety measures you should take.
  • Most importantly, discuss all of this information with your business insurance agent. A comprehensive risk management plan needs their involvment.

Contact Central Insurance for all of your Austin, Texas business insurance needs. With our affordable insurance packages, we can provide your small business with the financial security it deserves.

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