Safe Driving Tips for School Zones

Austin Safe Driving Tips for School Zones

Schools filling up with children means that the roads are filled with school buses and parents rushing to get to work on time. The start of school inherently means driving patterns transform completely, stressing the importance of refreshing everyone in your family of the basic safety precautions. Gathered are some safe driving tips that will allow you to get through school zones safely:

  1. Could you handle driving a school bus filled with 30 students? Even for a day? Try to ease the school bus driver’s day by giving them a little extra space. If you notice a school bus trying to merge into a lane, help them out and give them some space to get in. The school bus driver would also appreciate if you remind your child the importance of behaving themselves on the bus to eliminate unnecessary distractions.
  2. Make sure that you follow all laws regarding school zone speed limits. The rules are not put in place to bother you, but to keep children safe. These rules do not only apply during school hours. You must keep into consideration when soccer practice ends, football games, etc. Speeding through these zones does not only create a dangerous environment for children, but it also can land you a substantial speeding ticket.
  3. The roads also become more dangerous for walkers, especially ones that do not pay attention. Refrain from texting and walking, jaywalking, or crossing the street at a red light to ensure safety for everyone on the road.
  4. Most importantly, remember that everyone is in a rush to get to their next destination, so try to be courteous on the road.

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