Austin: The Best Place To Buy A Home

Austin Best Place to Buy a Home

New Study Determines Austin Is The Best Place To Buy A Home

Austin residents know that this is a great city. We have combined great people with great food, great culture, great events, and great weather in our hometown, and it shows. Austin is increasingly trendy among Millennials and is becoming a popular vacation destination among the Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. Those looking to stay longer than a weekend are even considering buying property here. If you are among them, we have good news for you.

If you are looking for the best place to buy a home, Austin is it!

study conducted by looks at the long-term job and economic growth, housing availability, home value to salary ratio, price increases, and real estate taxes in the 60 largest metro areas in the country. What they discovered is that when all of those factors are taken together, Austin emerges as the best place to buy a home. Of the top 12 best cities in which to buy, Austin had the highest long-term job growth and the second-highest long-term economic growth!

The good news is that even as the future looks bright for Austin homeowners, housing costs are staying affordable. In fact, the median house price is still around three times the median income. That means that home buyers in Austin can invest in housing with confidence that they will not overspend and their financial future will be stable enough to make it possible to steadily build equity in their homes over the years.

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