Taking a Home Inventory– there’s an App for that

If you own a home, you most likely have it and your contents insured.  If you haven’t been through your home and taken an inventory for insurance purposes, it might be time to do that. There are now smart phone apps that can help with that process and provide a way to keep the information safe and easy to access.  The best part is that most apps are free.  Check to see if your insurance company has an app or your agent may be able to suggest another source.

Most people don’t realize how much it would cost to replace everything they have, leaving them exposed to being underinsured at the time of a claim. Only you know what you have so, rather than taking the risk of not being able to replace what matters to you, inventory the contents of your home and talk to your agent. You’ll have a record to work from and, if you don’t have adequate protection, you can update your coverage. The right agent will ensure that you have the right amount of coverage. For information about your home inventory, please contact Central Insurance Agency

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